Postcards From Lost In Blue

Train Of Freedom

Junkyard Serenade

Postcards From Lost In Blue - Struff & Terry
“The rich blend of Lothar Struff and Bob Terry's voices will make you a fan by the end of the first cut on their debut album. The craft and poetry of their music and lyrics will bring you back again and again. There's a comfort and a longing in their music that's timeless in its beauty.”
- Paul Williams (world renowned songwriter)

Train Of Freedom - Robert Terry
In 1987 Robert Terry recorded an album that contained some penetrating observations about life in America. Disillusioned, yet insightful; Disparaging, yet hopeful. To get the flavor of this album just listen to "Such Is Life", and "Train Of Freedom" which also features the eloquent vocals of Michael McDonald. Amazingly this album has stayed relevant far past it's prime, especially today.

Junkyard Serenade - Robert Terry
Junkyard Serenade is an eclectic mix of blues driven, stark, soul searching, sometimes quirky stories about lunatics, liars, and fools with a hint of Dr. John, Tom Waits, and Randy Newman.